Cleves Primary School Playground
Our Public Art & Design Programme involves people directly in placemaking through a unique process of consultation and collaboration.

Past Projects
Testing Ground
Design A Future Park! was an exciting project led by the Architecture Crew to design part of the new Lea River Park in East London. The project received funding from the Youth Opportunity Fund with additional support from the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation. Young people from the neighbouring boroughs of Newham and Tower Hamlets came up with concept designs for 2 sites. Fundamental further developed Testing Ground for the RIBA Forgotten Spaces competition and forms the basis of our plans to develop a temporary interactive public gallery.

Aquatics Centre Project
This project provided a rare opportunity to engage a group of young people in the high profile architectural competition to design an Olympic Aquatics Centre by following the brief and timetable of the formal competition itself.

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Wormley Improvement Project
Fundamental delivered a series of workshops with community members and stakeholders and produced concept design options to RIBA Stage C for Wormley Community Centre incorporating the findings of this consultation.